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Introduction: Galaxy's BEST Baby Burp Cloth

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Space is not only absolutely fascinating and mind-blowing, it is also one of those great gender-neutral themes back on earth when it comes to a gift for baby. When you couple that with the absolute BEST DIY baby burp cloth ever, you have a genuine *star.* This is a perfect project for a beginner sewist because you are learning how to pin and sew straight lines. And it's a rocket-fast project if you're a more experienced sewist.

Why else is this truly the best baby burp cloth in the galaxy? Let us count down the ways...

5.) The edges are beautifully finished - encloses all serged edges for a professional finish.

4.) It is sizeable - adds length to the cloth.

3.) It maximizes absorption by NOT covering up the middle padding with fabric which so many burp cloths do.

2.) Even if the wrong side is inadvertently placed facing up on one's shoulder when in use, it's still going to look great!

1.) When babies have outgrown, Norwex has nothing on this cute blast-from-the-past. Makes for great dusting cloth and at the same time transports you through a wormhole to those sweet baby days.


  • Baby burp cloth (mine was Gerber - you can buy a 10-pack for about $18). These are the best because of the absorbent padding in the middle.
  • 1/4 - 1/2 yard fabric, 2 different coordinating
  • Matching thread

Step 1: Cut Fabric, Pin & Sew

You will need to cut 2 pieces of fabric:

Both about 2 inches wider than your burp cloth. My base cloth was 16" wide so I cut my fabric 18" WIDE.

Cut the LENGTH in such a way that it would happily highlight your fabric. Mine was about 16" long. My coordinating second fabric is about 4" long.

Pin edges together, right sides facing as shown.

Sew straight seam along both edges 5/8" inch away from the edge.

Step 2: Press & Pin

Press seams to set the stitches.(#1)

Then open to the right side, press with your fingers and then press with iron. (#2)

Fold raw edge fabric sides in to match the side of the burp cloth and press. Fold raw edge on top down about 1" and press .(#3 & 4)

Then fold this pressed fabric just to meet & barely cover the original sewn line and pin.

Repeat these steps on the other side with the coordinating fabric.

Step 3: Sew

Now you will topstitch along 3 sides of these new fabric edges. Make sure the RIGHT side of the burp cloth is facing up. The pins may be underneath on the back side so make sure the heads of the pins don't get caught in the throat opening of the machine. As you can see in picture #1, start on the short side and sew about 1/4" away from the edge. When getting to the corner, keep your needle down in the fabric for perfect pivoting. Turn the fabric and sew as close to the folded edge as you can.

Pic # 3 shows you the right side finished edge and pic #4 shows you the wrong side - it wont' be exactly along the edge as the right side is but should still look professionally finished.

Repeat these same steps on the other side with your larger theme fabric. (#5 & 6)

Step 4: Finish With a Bow

If this is a gift, there is nothing like tying a bow around it to give it a professional presentation. Sew a set of 3 with 3 different space-themed fabrics and you have sent this gift into an even greater stratosphere.

***Enjoy sewing an out-of-this-world, EASY baby burp cloth! And while you are at it... please vote for this project in the Space Challenge Contest. Thank you!!!***

If you want to watch my baby burp cloth tutorial on YouTube, here is the link:

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