Best Backpack Ever!!!




Introduction: Best Backpack Ever!!!

Ever get bored of your old back pack?Well you won't be any more after you make a new one in just seconds!

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Step 1: Getting Started

First you have to gather your materials.You'll need Some denim fabric,embroidery thread,an embroidery needle,a sewing machine,buttons,a glue gun,glue gun sticks,tape,scissors,pins,a pen,string of some sort,regular thread and a regular needle,measuring tape,a paper clip,and extra fabric.

Step 2: Cutting

Cut the fabric about a centimeter bigger than how you want it.Make sure it's a long enough piece to fold and still not be so small.You can use the measuring tape to help but I just cut mine out using actual tape.

Step 3: Zig Zag

Flip over your fabric so the back side is showing.Use a zig zag stitch at the tip of your fabric so the ends won't come off.

Step 4: Folding and Sewing

After your done with the zig zags,fold down the top of your fabric (about an inch)  and do a regular stitch a the bottom of the fold.Then fold your fabric in half still with the backside showing.Use the sewing machine to sew the side and bottom with a regular stitch.

Step 5:

Turn your bag inside out.It should look like this.

Step 6:

Now it gets a little harder.Get your string and attach it a paper clip.Make sure your string is long enough to go through the hole in the top of your fold all the way to the other side.My string was a little to thin so I braided it.

Step 7: Working the String Through

Stick the string in the hole and inch it through as if it was an inch worm trying to get out the other side.When your done with that,the strings should make the bag scrunch up after you pull on it.

Step 8: Making the Flap

Get a piece of paper and cut a triangular shape.Pin it on to another piece of denim fabric.This will be the open and closing flap on the top of the bag.Cut the triangular shape out of the fabric.

Step 9:

Fold the sides of the triangle down,then sew them up.

Step 10:

Glue the triangle to the top of the bag with the glue gun.

Step 11: Making the Arm Strips

Cut a long rectangle out.Make sure its long enough to fit around your arms.Sew the rectangle up leaving a gap to turn it inside out so the right side is showing.After that turn it inside out.Make 2 of these.Sew the ends up.

Step 12:

Glue the strips onto the back of the backpack.

Step 13: Sewing on the Button.

Make a hole in the top of the flap.Then sew the button on where the hole would go on the front of the bag.

Step 14: Macking Pockets

Cut 4 squares out and pair 2 squares together.Flip them so both of them are showing the back side.Fold down both tops and glue them down.After that glue around the inside of the square along the border.Turn them inside out when there done drying.These will be your back pack pockets.

Step 15: Making the Tiny Flaps

This is just like making the bigger flap but instead you cut out 2 squares and fold the sides down.Afterwards, you glue the sides down.

Step 16:

Glue the flap down first,then glue the pocket down.But your not done yet.Sew in the some other buttons and make holes at the bottom of the flaps so you can close the flaps if you want to.

Step 17: DECORATE!!!!!

You can use anything you want to decorate.I would recommend buttons and embroidery thread. Have fun!!   (o:

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    hey i love the look of this!
    i've been thinking of making a back-pack as my handbag hurts my shoulder too much
    i love the home-made look it has!!!
    well done :D