Best Easy Bone Cookie Dog Treats!

Introduction: Best Easy Bone Cookie Dog Treats!

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This is a quick easy way to make your dog healthy home-made treats in lots of flavors!

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Step 1: Ingredients

You need ...

1 gar of baby food[4oz] any flavor you want

1 cup of flour

a spoon

and a pan

a bowl

Step 2: Mixing

Geting started you need to pre heat the oven at 350f

Put one cup of flour in bowl

Put one gar of baby food in bowl with your flour [4oz]

Step 3: Cool Shapes

Mix with spoon then with your hands

Shape what ever shape you would like on the pan or you could use a cookie cuter but you need to make it thin

Step 4: Cooking

Put in oven for 20 to 25min. Cool completely and store in the fridge

give to your dog to enjoy!!!!!

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    Great quick and easy project for your dog. You should enter this into the Pets contest.