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So our cat, like most cats, hates to wear a collar.  She's not very big or strong (about 10lbs.) but is easily able to remove break-away collars rendering them useless.  I wanted a collar that would stay on unless it put her in danger and I believe that this is a success in that avenue.

The collar is sturdy and she cannot remove it herself but it is elastic enough that, when she's gotten hung up on something, it stretches and she slips out.  Ness has been wearing this collar for almost two years and it shows no signs of wear.

As always, I am not responsible for what you choose to do with this information nor any consequences of your actions.

Per inch there are approximately: 21x titanium rings and 15x neoprene o-rings.  While I hand bent the rings I made from some 20ga titanium wire I had lying around, you can get pre-bent rings from here (my rings have an inner diameter of 5mm).  The neoprene o-rings I ordered from Fastenal and they have an approximate inner diameter of 2.8mm.

The titanium rings are stacked in 3's and each stack has 4 o-rings passing through it (as seen in the 4th picture).  Obviously, it is much easier to close the titanium rings around the o-rings and the inverse would be impossible.  While the collar looks thick and clunky on its own it is actually quite lightweight and looks very minimalist on our cat.  Lastly, the purple ID tube is one I picked up from Petsmart for a few dollars (it can be ordered here).  It contains a rolled up strip of paper with our contact information and I chose it because it was the smallest one I could find.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.



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    For people who are interested in this collar - just the materials alone (not including the labor or the ID tube/tag you plan on using) will run you about $15-20 per collar unless you're buying in bulk, so you may want to just buy a cheap collar from the petstore unless you want to invest the time to make or pay up for someone else to make this.

    Great design for outdoor cat - thanks for sharing. Why did you use stacks of 3 titanium rings - because your o-rings were too roomy without them? I am using 2.5 mm inner diameter o-rings and am using stacks of 2 titanium rings which I find to be sufficient and ultimately 50% lighter weight for my smaller than average cat. I wish you had specified the reason for the neoprene rings - I inadvertently bought a different material and didn't realize it would break down in the sunlight, so I have to start over :(

    cats that died will leave you and go to another owner but still remains loving you and missing you :'(


    Would you be interested in making and shipping this for a fellow cat owner and minimalist? I don't like any of the collars I see in pet shops, but I absolutely love what you've created here. I've investigated creating it myself, but I'd rather leave it to your capable hands. Just name your price.

    Hopefully there's a way to contact me privately on here?

    do you know where I can purchase this collar?

    Oops I sent two photos!

    Where do you get the collar? This is my cat!! He needs a good collar

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