Best Ever FOG Juice for Fog Machines

There is nothing better then Training Smoke

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Step 1: The Best and Last Fog Juice You Will Ever Buy Again!

Nothing compares to Froggy's Fog juice. I have tried homemade juice to Walmart to spirits Halloween store brands. Being in the haunt industry for 14 years, have learned a lot.

Froggy's Fog Juice is the best in the business.

They have a wide range of different brands from oil to water base and scent infuser for added smells.

NOTE: Always choose water based if your not sure on your fog machine.

The very best stuff i use is the Training Smoke from Froggy's Fog it is water based and can be used in all types of fog machines . you get maximum performance and extreme density also is used for fire dept training.

no it will not hurt your eyes or breathing non-toxic stuff.

A little goes a long way and i do recommend only using the same fog juice for the fog machine.

NOTE: mixing fog juice or changing to a different brand will hurt your fog machine and possible damage it. Been there done that!

Step 2: Final Video and Pics.

green laser liquid sky effect with training fog smoke juice and 1000 watt fog machine.

video 1

video 2

Step 3:



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