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2008 was one of our "poorest" Halloweens.
We love Halloween and always took our costumes seriously.
We just didn't have the money for elaborate costumes...
we thought!  If I had step by step pictures, I would do a full instructable...sorry!
Here's words on what I did though.

My number 1 and number 2 decided we should do a
STAR WARS themed Halloween.
Dan let me know that he wanted to be General Greivous
Hay wanted to be Shaak Ti
and they wanted Jare to be Yoda...Mike to be Darth Maul,
and I was to be Barriss Offee...yes we know Star Wars quite well.
What to do?

I was able to use stuff we had to create a wonderful Halloween, worthy of us!

Darth Maul:  We found latex horns at Smith's and bought a couple was about $5.
We already had fabulous black robes and martial arts uniforms...all we needed was red and black makeup.
We got 1 can of red, 1 can of black hair spray color...$2 each.  My husband shaved his head and we sprayed it right on his skin.
We used paper and towels to make sure we sprayed only the part we wanted.
(tip for spraying: have the victim stand in the shower or outside...easy to contain and clean up!)
Then a black eyeliner pencil for the intricate tribal patterns.  Easy, but time intensive.

Barriss Offee:  Oh how my costume was easy.  Black robe from previous year.  Black clothes, black beanie...hood on.  Green eyeshadow applied all over the face like eyeliner diamonds for the finishing touch!

General Grevious:  I spent nights wondering how I would make this one.
I made the head piece with a ski mask and "fun" foam!  I then painted the foam...cut a tennis ball in half and sewed it to the sides of the hat...then pinned in the side foam pieces right into the tennis ball.
The cape was sewn with material I already had as well, and painted cardboard shoulder pauldrons stitched on.

Shaak Ti: I used the white material that I had and colored stripes with teal crayon. 
I used a red beanie to construct the hat...sewing horns and stuffing them with cotton.  I was so blessed
as I made this headdress!  Everything worked perfectly!  The robe was with some brown material I already had...
I made her a brown dress as well.  Some red and white paint and Ta Da!  And then tell your 4 year old not to touch her face!
I am proud of her for wanting to be Shaak Ti and not some dumb princess.

Yoda:  I had more of that same white material and some green dye laying around...
after dying the material I fashioned a hat...with "rabbit" ears for the baby Yoda. 
Brown material with a hole cut for the head and tied with a belt over his little pajamas...
Not that he liked it...well, he did if he was asleep!

So that is how we improvised Halloween!  We got photo's taken everywhere we went!  And we *may* have used this picture for our Christmas Cards that year too!



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome!! Great details on how you pulled it all off on a budget too! You guys look amazing and the 2nd photo is really really cute with your adorable baby looking so peaceful!