Best Knex Desert Eagle Instructions


Introduction: Best Knex Desert Eagle Instructions

Hi everyone! here are the instructions for my Knex desert eagle, and i hope you guys like it. Pro's: Shoots!!! Ca. 8 meter range. Looks nice True trigger Cons: No slide action... Single shot... No comfy handle... Part list: Connectors: -halve moon: 20- -full moon: 6- -orange connectors: 21- -small grey connectors: 20- - black/blue connector: 1- -ball joint connectors: 3- -hole joint connectors: 2- -very small beige connector: 2- -very small blue connector: 1- -light grey connectors :1- -red connectors: 6- -green connectors:8- -Y connectors: 5- -Rods- -Large grey rods: 1- -red rods:7 -small white rods: 16- -blue rods: 11- -Tiny Green or black rods: 39-

Step 1: The Barrel

Step 2: The Handle

Step 3: The Rest of the Gun

Step 4: Rubber Band Attachment

Step 5: Ammo



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    i have seen a lot of knex guns before but this is my favorite

    When you're on the normal site (like via a pc), just add enters after every pro / con / etc.

    Oh yeah im sorry but i made this with the instructable app and the app does'nt work very well
    I saw the text too, and its very crappy sorry about that

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    Okay, dat is begrijpelijk.
    De foto's zien er op zich wel gewoon goed uit, daar hoef je je geen zorgen over te maken.
    Ze zien er beter uit dan mijn eerste posts, die ook met een ipod waren gemaakt :p

    Als je een keer op de computer zit, kun je gewoon na elke pro en con etc., een entertje plaatsen, en op slaan, zodat de tekst wel onder elkaar staat.

    -And this is a good looking gun! :P

    -If you are using the Android app, the same principle applies, except you will have to edit the ible from an actual computer, as the Android servers don't read the Instructables creation scripts.

    -Also, when taking pictures, make sure to keep an eye on the camera buttons to make sure the camera is facing the right way. If they are still rotated, you can edit them in the gallery (for Android) or photos (for Apple).

    (Sorry for adding two long-ish comments! Remember feel free to ask for any more help! I can see you are going to be a great K'nexer!)

    Hmm, looks good!

    -If you are using an iPhone/iPod with the app, you can instead go to safari and use the mobile site to reply to comments.

    -At the bottom of the mobile site page there is a link to the full site, click it, and if it doesn't come up, refresh it. It should work then.

    -There is a tab at the top named 'create.' From there you can create Instructables that don't have problems.

    -You can type all of the ible here, then go to the full site and add things like enters and image notes.

    (Again this works best on an Apple device, or of course a PC/laptop).

    If you have any questions about the above tips, feel free to ask! :)

    Im also sorry for the bad photo graphics (i took them With my ipod )

    The instructions look allright.
    One tip though:
    When making a numeration, like in your intro of the ible, put everything below eachother, instead of behind, like this:
    Ca. 8 meter range.
    Looks nice

    It's easier to read this way.