Best Knex Desert Eagle!!!


Introduction: Best Knex Desert Eagle!!!

Hi this is my first instructable, so i hope you guys like it. I made a desert eagle out of knex, And it turned out great! I Will post instructions very soon! P.S. Im sorry for my bad english im from Holland



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    Yo anime kid , ik zal voortaan uitkijken met wat ik zeg. Maarre hij is wel goed gelukt he?

    I posted a comment here before, but it got deleted, oh well, second chance now :p
    It looks pretty good, some angles are off though (mainly in the handle). It's cool though that it shoots, it only could use a trigger that blocks back a bit further. Nice build

    Hey i just posted the instructions!!! They will be visible tomorrow

    hey gast, ik las je bent van nederland(slechte grammer yolo k ben moe)
    maare, je kan niet zomaar zeggen dat het de beste is, dan krijg je ruzie op deze site, dus kijk voortaan uit oke?
    t is niet om je te pesten ofso, maar eff gewoon een tip

    **UPDATE** im not sure if i will post the instructions because im very busy with school etc. BUT i'll do my best.

    it's not the best ever, like you said in the title, but it's definitely a good desert eagle :D