Best Knot for Tying Shoes

Introduction: Best Knot for Tying Shoes

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If you have a pair of shoes that has laces that keep coming untied, this Instructable is for you.

The way most people learn how to keep laces tied is to do a double knot but it adds bulk and you also need laces that are long enough to tie the extra knot.

The benefit of this method is it's one knot and can be untied just like a regular shoe knot.

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Step 1: Regular Method

The regular way most people tie their shoes so they don't come untied is by tying a regular knot and then doubling the knot. The problem with this method is when you untie the shoe, you have to first untie the doubled knot, which sometimes can be a pain if it was over tightened. Also it looks bulky depending on how thick your laces are.

Step 2: The Better Knot

You start by tying a standard shoe knot and instead of pulling the knot tight, leave it loose so you can take the loop that you have pull through the hole and re-wrap it around and back through the same hole. It's hard to describe see the pictures and video for reference. This only adds a second to the total time it takes to tie your shoe.

Check out the video too:

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    It's also on Ian's Shoelace Site at as the
    Surgeon's Shoelace Knot, along with a couple other procedures that make
    the same finished knot.


    4 years ago

    Have used this method for 30 years. It's called a Jinks Knot. Works like a charm, especially for kids.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks, never knew the proper name for it!