Best Mini Basketball Hoop

Introduction: Best Mini Basketball Hoop

Sorry for not having instructions to this but I kind of just threw it together using some wire coat hangers, staples, and 4 foldable gift boxes (the kind you put those lovely sweaters that your grandma knits for you:) A good idea for score keeping is anything in front of the free-throw line is 1 point. To determine a free-throw line see how far back you can dunk from and make an invisible line (by the way the rim is punched through the gift boxes and stapled down, so don't apply any weight to it what so ever.) take 2-4 normal steps and make another invisible line, anything in-between the free throw line and the new line is 2 points. And anything past the new line is 3 points. An easy way to remember where the lines are is to line them up with objects like a couch, our bed, a shelf, a hallway, or a desk! Have fun and practice before you play (I invited some friends to come play me and they couldn't make shot but a dunk, but me on the other hand made 3 point left and right!) For now use a foam ball that you may have or have bought but if anyone knows how to make a ball that I can use inside but can still bounce please let me know!

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