Best Monitor Backlight!




Introduction: Best Monitor Backlight!

My PC has an extra 5V cable, so I've decided to use it to built a back-light monitor.
I've seen many back-lights monitors constructed, but none of them used their computers own power.
If you have a useless 5V cable in your PC,  try doing the same.

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Step 1: Materials

The materials:
- LED strip (requires 12V input) // I thought about building my own step-up voltage regulator from this tutorial , but I figured out that buying one from ebay would be cheaper and the upside is that you can adjust it to a maximum of 35V which can be used for other projects.
-heat shrink wire
-soldering tools

Step 2: Assembly

1- Cut the led strip to the desired lenght
2- solder it together and to the Voltage regulator (make sure you give it enough wire lengh)
3- stick the led to the monitor
4- plug the voltage regulator to the EXTRA power source of your powersupply
5- Enjoy!  

PS: You can add a switch to turn off the light whenever you want.


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