Best N Easy : Water Droplets Effect

Introduction: Best N Easy : Water Droplets Effect

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The trick i am going to show is awesome n everyone can do it ..
No need to build any thing new ...

Here is the trick ..
Every time we want some water droplets effect in any pic on some object (like flower, on human body ( model ),glass , or drop on mobile's screen )
Note : iphone also have some this kind of background with droplets

what you need is...
1: sprinkler 
2: any mobile camera ( 5 mp +  would be better to use ), DSLR 

Making Sprinkler
a sprinkler could be made out of any bottle of scent or or body spray 
use any old bottle n empty it out .. fill water in it and tadahhhh... you have your own sprinkler

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Step 1: Find Object , Sprinkle Water N Click Images

whether its the Flower from your garden .or drop on ur screen.. or waterdroplets are on glass of car
(Note : Above all these are my cases

Its Your turn to try this out ....

So get a Sprinkler n Sprinkle water on different objects n get best n beautiful out of it .... here are my few shots ...

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or comment below about this trick

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    this trick just shows to get photograph with some droplets or drop on ti .. with use of sprinkler ...