Best Organizer for Your Desk! (up-cycling)

Introduction: Best Organizer for Your Desk! (up-cycling)

Upcycle your empty boxes and make yourself a desk organizer.

  • Simply grab all the small size boxes you can find, whether they are cookie boxes, spaghetti boxes or even your hair product packaging.
  • You can start by sealing all the boxes with tape and then cutting out one side (it can be horizontal or vertical), depending upon how you want to arrange them.
  • Next, use your DUCT TAPE/ WASHI TAPE and cover the edges and corners of all the boxes.
  • You can also use craft paper and cover the boxes.
  • Once all your boxes are covered, start arranging them according to your need with the help of stapler, glue and double sided tape.
  • For a detailed tutorial click here

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    3 years ago

    That's cute :) I like all the bright colors you used.