Best Out of Waste (Bottle Decoration)

Bottle decoration is one of the "Best Out Of Waste". Waste Bottles can be used for decoration. Be it Plastic Bottles, Glass bottle,etc can be used to decorate.

Material Required- Bottle (any bottle of your choice), decorating stuff (sparkle, grains,glass colours,etc it basically depends on the decoration you prefer), scissors and Glue.

Step 1: How to Decorate?

Firstly, bottles should clean from inside and outside. And Dried. Start making rough image on bottles with chalk or pencil (Do not use permanent marker). In case of..

  1. SPARKLE decoration- Spread glue only on the places where you have to make design or you can use tube (glue tube) to make design and fill pour sparkle all over.You will notice that the sparkle is sticking only on the places where glue was previously spread.
  2. GLASS colour decoration- Under glass colour decoration Glass liner is needed. Use glass liner to make different patterns and designs. You can take the above picture as an example.
  3. PICTURE decoration- one can paste pictures, stickers, etc to decorate bottles.

Step 2: Filling in Bottles.

It is upto you if you prefer filling or not. If yes, you can go for grain filling, you can even use these bottles for plantation, flower pot or for normal decoration without any filling.



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