Best Paper Airplane!!!

Introduction: Best Paper Airplane!!!

Im making because its something to make when your bored. It can also be a fun thing to do on a rainy day. The plane can actually fly compared to other model planes. 

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Step 1:

Supplies Needed:
1 piece of paper
1 pair of sicsors
1 stapler
10 staples  

Step 2:

(1) Fold the edge of the paper down until you get a 90degree angle.
(2) Then fold the bottom part up and crease it down.
(3) Unfold the shape and cut of the bottom rectangle you made.(now you should have a rectangle and a square)

Step 3:

(4) Now fold the other corner edge and crease it down. You should have a x on your paper.
(5) Flip the paper over to the opposite over to the opposite side and open it back up.
(6) You should now be able to make the picture below.

Step 4:

(7) Your triangle flaps on the sides. Take the top flap on each side and fold it up to the point.
(8) Then with the same flaps fold the lower edge along the center of the large triangle.

Step 5:

(9) Take the long rectangle you cut earlier and fold it lengthwise. (hotdog style.)
(10) Look at the picture below and draw and cut it out.
(11) Open the tail up and fold the top two corners down. (it should now look like an arrow.
(12) Then insert the tail all the way to the back to keep it centered. 

Step 6:

(13) Now make sure the tail is centered. Then cut the front part of the plane. Make sure you do not cut the flaps you made before. 
(14) The top smaller flaps can be open to make pockets. The flaps will fold into the part you cut cut.

Step 7:

(15) Now gently fold the plane in half with the tail in  the plane.
(16) Once you have done that staple the wings and plane, as shone below.
(17) When  the staples are in fold the wings down to where the are straight like a real plane.

                                              NOW ITS READY TO FLY!!!

Step 8:

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    8 years ago on Step 2

    Try not to put steps within the steps it looks kinda sloopy.