Best Paper Airplane - Fast-Far-Boomerang | Sun Fighter

Introduction: Best Paper Airplane - Fast-Far-Boomerang | Sun Fighter

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Paper airplane instructions / How to make a paper plane with Tri Dang.

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The best paper airplane in my Paper Fighter Collection. Depending on how you adjust the stabilizers, the elevators or the size of the wings, It can fly like a Stunt, a glider or a BOOMERANG!. You really need a big space to play with this plane!

✈ HISTORY: The Sun Fighter was called the Fire Breaker, and i was one of my first design. I did not know it can fly like a boomerang until I created a tutorial for this plane. :), It is a happy incidence!


✈ MATERIALS: Copy Paper—Any square paper size ✈ LETTER SIZE TEMPLATE :

✈ FOLDING ADVICE: You need to fold the plane accurately in order to have a perfect paper airplane which can fly well. Also, be creative and adjust the plane if you need to.

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======================================== ♣ MUSIC: The Engagement

♣ ETHICAL DESIGN: Every of my designs are original. If I got inspired from some one, I will credit that person on my video description. COPYING IS A SHAME, so PLEASE, contact me ( with valid evidence) if you believe any of my designs is already made before mine. I will give credit to the inventor or delete the video right away.

♣ TERM OF USE: Note that All the contents ( Except the music) on the video is copyright to Tri Dang (Me). This origami is only free to fold and play personally. For commercial use, please contact me.

♣ COPYRIGHTS © 2014. Designed by Tri Dang.

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