Best Paracord Handcuffs

Introduction: Best Paracord Handcuffs

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Step 1: Materials

Paracord I have 50inches Lighter or flame to melt ends( don't hurt yourself)

Step 2: The Knot

You first melt the ends to stop fraying then find the center of your paracord. Pull the ends through the loop twice. Next you pull the ends through the loop to form the cuffs. Next tighten it by pulling down on the cords in the middle while holding the knot.

Step 3: Locking System

After after ataching to wrist tie a square knot. Now challenge your friends have Them put it on you but all you have to do is pull out on one side to loosen the handcuffs When they put them on tie square knot so your friends are now trapped in the handcuffs have fun and don't do anything stupid with them if you do it's not my fault.

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