Best Refrigerator Pickles in the World !

Refrigerator Pickles

The Breakdown

2 quarts water
1 quart white vinegar

3/4 cup pickling salt (reduced from 1 cup, but if you like your pickles saltier, add the full cup)

5 pounds cucumbers

1 bunch fresh dill

1 head garlic

1 Tbs minced dried garlic

Combine water, vinegar and salt. bring to a boil - add minced dried garlic. Remove from the heat and refrigerate overnight in glass or plastic jars. Next day, scrub cucumbers. Put some dill flowers and at least 5 peeled garlic cloves into each canning jar. wait at least 3 days before eating, i have had these last 6 months with no issues

These will need to be kept cold in the refrigerator




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