Best Remedy for Acne- Nutmeg Paste




This Instructable shows the best home remedy I have experienced for the acne. Best but Simple.
This works every time. It helps to reduce the acne, takes away that pain and soothes the skin.
I usually have a feel of a little knot in my face, and when it aches...I tend to think of this remedy first.
This will eliminate any pimple which is growing beneath the skin which you have not felt it till now.
This paste also gives a scrubbing effect to the skin while I wash it off the face.

Try it out and let me know if you like it :)

few drops of water

Step 1: Make a paste and apply on face
Make a paste by adding water in Mortar and pestle or at stone (like I did ) .
If you dont have that oily skin, then you can add few drops of milk.
Apply this on your face for 20 min or it completely dries.
Wash you face with gentle circular movements to give scrubbing effect.

Try for next 5 days and it will be completely gone... Use it for 3 weeks if your acne are more serious.

If you tend to like this one , please vote in home remedy contest for me.

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    I'm assuming it is cause it's only nutmeg. But my wife is pregnant and is paranoid about using stuff right now. Can you or some one else confirm that it is safe. ( yeah she's one of those)

    1 reply

    Oh, I am too young to answer that ! You can check with your doctor for using nutmeg in external application. Thanks :). Happy parenting.