Best Towel Life Hack Ever




Introduction: Best Towel Life Hack Ever

Every time I think I've figured out myself I find something new. So I guess I'm a work in progres...

Have you ever had a problem with wet towels falling off hooks and racks onto the floor? I personally was at my whits end after having bought three different towel hooks trying to solve the problem. So I decided to use ribbon to sew "tags" on all my towels so they would never fall of the hook again. Problem solved!!! I hope you enjoy this simple project as much as I have.

Step 1: What You Will Need.

  • About an hour of free time.
  • Towels
  • Ribbon, less the one inch thick. Your choice of materiel and color.
  • Scissors
  • Ruler/tape measure
  • sewing machine or needle and thread.


  • Straight pins. I found that for this I do not need pins to hold anything in place but you may find them helpful.
  • Iron. If you wish to iron the ribbon into place, again I find this unnecessary.

Step 2: Measure

Measure out four inches of ribbon and cut a strip for each towel.

Step 3: Fold the Ribbon

Fold the ribbon about a half inch and place it on the center of the towels longest side. This is where you may find Ironing the edges into place may make the following steps easier. You may also use pins to hold the ribbon in place.

Step 4: Time to Sew.

Sew the ribbon in place, make sure to go over it at least three times. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to sew the other end of the strip in place.

Step 5: And Your Done.

All set! In less then an hour you have made sure you will never have a towel slip of the hook onto the floor again. I hope you enjoyed this Instructable.

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Great solution for my grown twin sons' wet towels problem. Those two hang their wet bath towels on the closet doors, which I don't like. I throw those towels on their beds in a notion of dissatisfaction, but to no positive reaction from them. I have saved few belt loops good for sewing on. A hanger, which I already made, is also ready to complete the job.

Thanks for this great idea. Best regards

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I think it is a great idea. Thank you. I haven't purchased any towels that have those hook loops on them, maybe they are on certain brands or something. But I have never given it a thought to do this, so thank you.

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You welcome. Thank you for viewing it!

Simple, smart, easy, and will 1, save towels from falling off, and 2, save towels from getting a hole pulled/ripped into them by getting pulled too hard thus causing the hole ripped into them. I'm definitely trying this! Ugh, we have about 30+ towels in circulation of our family of 5, and I sew by hand. I guess I should finally install the replacement leather belt for our antique Singer treadles and watch a couple instructional how-to videos.....

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I have always used the tag on the towel to do this. Usually the tag is in the form of a loop stitched onto the hem and works okay for this use. It's a little awkward sometimes because it's not designed for this use. I like your loop better!

Agreed @jeff-o, all towels should have this easy-to-use hang loop, like shirts and jackets have.

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My favorite instructables are ones like these ; )

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It's the simplest ideas that have the biggest impact. Well done!

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You welcome. Thank you for viewing it!

Convenient, but out of curiosity, don't most of the towels already have such loops? Or is it some local thing?

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I have a couple towels that do have a loop, but it's on the corner. the towels are full-bath size (I hate small towels). So attempting to hang them from the loops, would mean about half of the towel sits on the floor. better than the full tower, but... still not ideal.

I've never seen a towel having a loop in a good enough place to hang it from an usual towel hook.

I have heard that some towels come with them but it is definitely not standard in my experience. I had over 20 bath towels in my house all bought at different times and places and not one of them had anything that would assist in hanging the towel.

Where do you live at?

In Austria for example, most of the towels has such hanging things(mostly the label). But where there are no such little hanging helpers I applied them like you did. :-)

Kind Regards

What I've always done is fold its border over itself two or three times (not necessarily neatly - scrunching it up works fine too). that makes for enough fabric to go in the hook, so they don't fall anymore. if you put a single "layer" of fabric inside the hook... they fall every single time.

I should post a pic but I'm honestly too lazy.