Best ValenTine Gift: an Infinite Heart




Introduction: Best ValenTine Gift: an Infinite Heart

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I thought of impressing My girl Friend!

So i did this infinite Heart to score more!

If you wanna do the same! see how below :D

Note: if there is any typo please forgive :P

Step 1: Check Your LEDs

Checking your LEDs is the first step for this project. Since there is nothing left out. If you have a awesome LED then you are going to make a Awesome Project out of it.

If you are a cheapskate like me you can buy these LEDs without warranty. This works well.

Step 2: Choosing Mirror and Glass

This Infinite Heart is just a infinite Mirror in Heart shape.

So we need a Mirror and glass. The problem is cutting Glass in heart shape is a tedious Process. I broke few Glasses too. I hope you won't do like me :P. if you did this part well. You will definitely do the following steps just like eating a pie.

Step 3: Making the Base Support for Mirror and Glass

We need to place Mirror and Glass separately hence we need a support for this. I used Aluminum Plates, did some bending work on Workshop. I finally made a Aluminum Support which will hold the mirror.But the height of the support exceeded the actual distance of separation needed. Hence i used some cardboard to equalise it.

Step 4: Fixing Mirror and LED

Place the mirror above the card board and use some double side tape. Stick the Led strip along the curvature of the heart. Dont forget to leave a gap at the bottom so that you can power it without any problem

Step 5: Placing the Sun Control Film

Stick suncontrol Film On the Glass piece.

Place the Glass over the Heart that you made.

Njoi Infinite effect

Don't Forget! Give it to your Girl Friend.

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