Best Way to Fix Your Flipflops




Introduction: Best Way to Fix Your Flipflops

Here's a trick so you don't have to buy a new pair every time one breaks

Step 1: Wrap a Wire..

Grab a thin wire that's about one and a half inches and wrap it once , tighten by squeezing it w/ pliers

Step 2: Put It In.. ;)

like so

Step 3: Put the Stopper Back

Now with the stopper, if you lost yours you can use any sort of rubber or something just size it;

poke a hole in the middle and slide it down, then cut the excess but leave about 0.4 cm 'cus you're gonna want to bend that

Step 4: Bend It and You're Done!

Just use pliers to bend and it's finished!

This this fix is better than the old method of piercing the the strap or whatever it is with a nail because overtime it'll snap and it'll be unfixable



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    Looks like a clever little fix, thanks for the idea :)