Best Ever Pancakes

There has been a battle between thin and thick pancakes since the dawn of pancakes. I am plonked on the thick side. I think this will this will convert any non believers for sure. with this I made 5 small/ medium pancakes.

Step 1: You Will Need

300 ml of milk
2 eggs
toppings ( eg blue berries ect)
100g of flour
frying pan
a bit of butter so the pancakes dont stick on the pan
thing that you use to flip burgers

Step 2: Make the Mix

First, add all the milk, flour, eggs to an electric mixer on mark 1 and half way through you add the toppings and do a scrape down, before mixing it again at mark 1 or 2.

Step 3: Frying

add some butter to the pan then add a small bit of the mix to the pan- don't add to much, as when you try to flip it; it'll spell disaster.

Step 4: Eat

just leave it to cool then chomp

Step 5: Other Thing As Toppings

chocolate chips



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    2 Discussions

    the ultimate smaug

    4 years ago

    you are no match for my pancakes. muwahahah (no not thick pancakes, my one weakness)!