Best Method of Vacuum Packing Blankets and Clothing

Introduction: Best Method of Vacuum Packing Blankets and Clothing

I've seen a lot of videos about vacuum packing clothing and blankets for storage or travel, using plastic bags and vacuum pumps or vacuum cleaners.  I've seen some that use funnels made of 2 liter drink bottles, with the bag top dragged through the funnel. My method uses funnels made easily from 1 Gallon water jugs, lawn bags or contractor bags, and a vacuum cleaner. My method puts the "funnel" inside the bag, on top of the clothing stack, sort of like a little "roof", to keep the vacuum wand from sucking up the fabric and interrupting the suction. My method is very effective and helps make tying the bag off easier as the plastic jug funnel has a little bit of "give" to it which helps when pulling the knot in the bag. I really loaded the gray tote full, and used a couple wraps of duct tape to pull the sides of the box in, and hold the lid on. I got a huge stack of winter clothes out of the way.

This is simple, but here's a dozen pictures, and a youtube video demonstration.



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    I still have an unopened bag that is sealed. It seems to have stretched some from moving the box around, but it's still packed.

    I did this in June 2013. I got some clothes out in January 2014 and the bags were still shrink wrapped. The clothes were fresh smelling but a few items were a little wrinkled.

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