Best Paper Mache Ninja-star/Shuriken

Introduction: Best Paper Mache Ninja-star/Shuriken

About: im 17 and i have a vast passion for making and have to keep busy with loads projects and love the outdoors and want to be a prop maker/ set maker

so today my pals were going to make the best paper Shuriken which will look amazing and scary which will make any cool Halloween costume look even cooler!! It should fly incredibly well but i must warn you don't throw at any ones face or they might get hurt . so be careful and don't throw at your mums best ornimants or she might turn into a witch

a brief history of the Shuriken

A Shuriken is a sword hidden in user's hand is a traditional Japanese concealed weapon that was generally used for throwing, and sometimes stabbing . Shuriken, were invented in the Three-Year War by Tadamasa. He first created it from a short sword.They are sharpened hand-held blades made from a variety of everyday items, such as needles, nails and knives, as well as coins, washers, and other flat plates of metal. Shuriken is the name given to any small-bladed object, while shaken is traditionally used to indicate the well-known "throwing star".

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Step 1: Materials

the ingredients you will need to craft the best paper Shuriken in the world


1.any type of paper

2. news paper

3. P.V.A glue (materials)


5.paint brush

6. brain i hope

Step 2: Makeing the Squre

for your Shuriken the paper needs to be a perfect square rememberer perfect square

1.fold the corner of the paper to make a 90 degree angle see the pictures

2.then fold the the bottom rectangle the cut the rectangle as neatly as you can off

3.then rub the crease to to get rid of the nasty fold

make 2 squares for you Shuriken

Step 3: 2 Parts of the Shuriken

now we are making the 2 main parts off the best Shuriken ever

1.fold your 2 perfect squares in half and crease with your nail this is called a book fold then un fold

2.then you fold both half's to meet the center line this is called a cupboard fold and crease

3.Then fold in half along center line like the picture

4.then fold in half and un fold this will act as guide for your new fold fold the one along the middle crease like the picture then again do this for both sides make a mirror image not identical

6.then do a 90 degree triangles again with the corners on each side

Step 4: Putting the Two Pieces Together

now were going to put the two pieces together to make the super cool Shuriken then the paper mache

1.flip on of the 2 pieces on its back so its diffent to the other pice

2.Put the piece that looks like 2 large triangles on the top of the other piece cross ways

3.fold the the triangles into the openings flip over and repeat on the other side

Step 5: Paper Mache

for paper mache you want to make a paste p.v.a to water 50/50 then paint the paste on your model stick the news paper on it and repeat. you probably on to do 3 layers it wont be rock hard but hard enough to play with and throw aganst walls or your victims

Step 6: Painting

firstly you want to paint the the Shuriken some nice coats of silver acrylic 3 coats shold be enough becase it will fill in the gaps

then you want to dry brush some black around the edges to give some detail and realism to dry the brush: you want a flat headed brush get some paint on the brush then wipe the paint off on some kichen role so theres little paint left then paint the prop

now get a black pen pen and draw any Chinese/Japanese symbol you want i drew the symbol for victory/triumph as you can see in the picture and your ready to become the ninja

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    4 years ago

    Nice :) I'm going to try this!

    paul the maker
    paul the maker

    Reply 4 years ago

    it will go very well with your sword remember to dry brush!!!