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Introduction: Beta Tape Box

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My mom was going to throw a bunch of old Beta tapes and I decided to rescue some of them for some recycle-crafts, this is the first one I figure for them... the Beta Tape Box... which is basicaly a Box covered with woven Beta tape...
I've been covering boxes with different recycled materials, to store other recycled materials XD...  

This one was pretty simple but, you know, it does take some time to finish...

Step 1: Materials

You'll need

- A box (or anything you want to cover in tape)
- A tape source (in this case a Beta cassette)
- Screwdriver (to open the cassette)
- Scissors
- Adhesive tape
- Packing tape (as reinforcement)

Step 2: Get the Tape

First open the Beta cassette and take the tape out... measure and cut strips for each side of the box... vertical and horizontal strips...

Step 3: Start Sticking and Waving

Using the adhesive tape stick the vertical strips to one side, one by one... stretch them to be sure they're straight... then stick the verticals...

Then start waving them... you can do an over-under or an over-over-under-under or to play with that like over-under-under-over and so on... so this is just a repetition thing... be careful and stretch the strip... then use adhesive tape to stick it... (i made it double)
The next row should be the opposite of the previous one... so go under if the previous was over and viceversa... then stick it...

Go on until the face is covered...

Step 4: Reinforce Corners, the Botom and Inside

Once you have the 4 sides covered, reinforce the botom of the box with packing tape so the adhesive tape don't come off... you may want to do the same in the inside... and cover the corners with some Beta and adhesive tape...

Cover the lid as well... I changed the pattern to an over-under... Reinforce corners as well.

Step 5: Beta Tape Box Ready

And that's pretty much it... this is how my box ended up looking like... I gotta say that the effect is great, it's like a dark mirror...

I don't recommend working around cats nor keeping a box like this around a cat... you don't wanna know what my cat did to my box :'(



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    i still have an old copy of ET on a Beta Tape!!! I don't think i could part with it though!! The box looks awesome btw

    You'll cover the world XD... I actually used less than a half of one single beta videocassette to cover the whole box ;)

    well... once upon a time where DVD's were far away to come... there was a great way to watch movies at home... was pretty expensive and all... but was light in darkness... and it was called BetaMax a videocassette tape that could be recorded and was developed by Sony... eventually the Betas where left in the past due to the VHS... but their legacy continues within some of our kind-of-old hearts... treasuring our first recordings of old cartoons and stuff... Long live the Betas... (you can actually see a Beta videocassette in the materials picture of this instructable... now they seam forgotten by many and unknown by many more... like the longplays of homevideo)

    Sorry I know what laser disks are still watch some of the old Star Wars and Yellow Sub. on it i can use the vcr faster tmy sister on her dvd player but i handn't heard much about Beta Tapes

    nah, don't worry... they are old stuff... started on the 70's became popular on the 80's... then kind of vanished, but are still pretty... I think

    Very nice! Check out and see the stuff being made with old cassette tape

    1 reply

    Hey, this is a pretty good idea for some of those movie nuts we have here. You should add it to one of their groups.

    2 replies