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Do you want to know how to take care of a betta fish? Well i am a trained official Sientist . Hello i am Beynoka . If your having trouble with your animal comment on my info's it doesnot have to be a betta . Im just going to talk about bettas for starters today. Are you having trouble then heres your steps. There is some debate about whether the betta fish needs or would prefer more room, but they certainly can live in small aquariums. Betta fish come in many varieties. There are regular bettas, crown tail bettas, twin tail bettas, and more. There are show bettas and bettas that are caught in the wild and of great value because they refresh the betta gene pool. Betta fish have been found to live for up to three years in the right conditions, but few in home aquariums will live anywhere near this long. You may have heard betta fish referred to as "Siamese Fighting Fish." This is because male bettas are extremely aggresive towards one another and will fight. They have been known to flare up upon seeing their own reflections so as to intimidate what they perceive as another betta. Female betta fish are not quite that aggressive towards each other, though it is recommended that there be many hiding places inside a tank if several female betta fish are to be kept together. Keeping two male betta fish together will almost certainly result in one dying.



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    Update!!! Please!!!! Help!!!
    I know I posted a comment in your instrustable but I am getting really worried, I just moved my beta into a new 10 gallon tanks and I don't know how to feed him now, I used to come up to the tank and he would swim up but now he doesn't, how do you sugest to feed him in this large of a tank? Also I turned on the filter and when I drop the food on top it pushed it arround the top of the tank pretty fast and eventually sinks, also with that (the filter pushing the water) my beta moves the small fins on both sides of its body REALLY fast. I think to compensate for the water moving, when I turned the filter off to see if it helped he sank to the ground and completely froze (I thought he died until I turned it back on and he resumed what he was doing in like 15 seconds) I think the filter might be making him use too much of his energy to stay inplace and exhausting him. And (sorry this is so much but) he sees his reflection in the glass and "gets big" and swims toward it and along the sides of the tank moving back and forth facing the glass quite often. I have read that him seeing his reflection too much could stress him out, and I am worried that this is happening. PLEASE get back to me as soon as you can. Thanks in advance! (also I just got and account on this and I don't know how to send pics, so if you need pics, if you would be so kind to show me how to do that if you need them)

    Help. I have had my beta for about 3-6 months now and it is the beginning on November and my room gets very cold, so I just got a new 10 gallon tank with a heater for my fish. I just transferred it over (1hour ago) and I have not fully heated the tank to the correct temperature for betas yet but I need to feed my fish and I don't know how I should, I used to turn off the filter and it would swim to the top (when I had a two gallon tank) but now I can't get it to come up to eat! I didn't eat much a few days before either (but I think that was bc of cold) so I really need it to should I try to feed it?

    Hi i have had my betta for about 2 months now and recently about 3 days ago he started to not eat and hes hiding out he also just likes to lay at the bottom of the tank now i dont know what to do. I have a 1 gallon tank and i feed him omega one freeze dried bllod worms only. And i use conditioner and change his water 100percent a week. Can u please help.

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    I'm not an expert, but as far as I know, bloodworms are only supposed to be used for treats, not a constant diet. :) Hope this helps, even though this reply seems late.

    If the fish is pale and loosing color, it's dying! Use sink water,
    My friends fish does not have a heater the fish has lived for years! Don't be lazy! Get a bowl not a vase! Also feed the fish bloodworms or pellets! Use fish tank conditioner!

    i just got my betta today and he is staying close to the top of the tank and laying still but when i tap on the tank he moves . what is wrong with him

    Recently my betta has been sitting at the top of his tank. His belly is sort of big or roundish and white, the white kind of looks a little fuzzy. Sometimes he will sit straight up.