Better Back Scratcher


Introduction: Better Back Scratcher

My wooden back scratcher's fingers weren't meeting my high expectations of actually scratching my back. Imagine raking a piece of cardboard across a fierce back itch. Not very satisfying. I need something sharper. This is my solution which took about 5 minutes. Making the Instructable took considerably longer than the actual project! Enjoy.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

I used my existing back scratcher and a few tools.

Dremel cut off wheel
Dremel sanding band
Eye protection

I am not responsible for any injuries you get while following my instructions. Tools are dangerous.

Step 2: Cut the Fingers

Clamp the back scratcher to your work surface. I highly recommend using two hands when using your Dremel. Use the cutoff wheel to make the square fingers into points. I free handed this step. Don't worry if the fingers need some polishing up. That's next.

Step 3: Sand and Round Off the Fingers

Once cut, remove the cutoff wheel and install the sanding band. Now use the sander to smooth the surfaces and edges.

Step 4: Test the Scratcher

All backs are not created equal. You will now want to test out the sharpness and make sure that your back can handle the new fingers. If too sharp, use the sander to round off the fingers until they agree with your back.

Step 5: Enjoy

Store by your bed or wherever you do most of your back scratching. Enjoy!



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    9 Discussions

    Simple and effective. My back feels relieved just looking at it!

    I did this several years ago and didn't sand it after cutting it down.Pretty hard getting my wife to believe the scratches were from my backscratcher and not a girlfriend.LOL,I did it exactly like how you did yours works great ! Nice job!!

    1 reply

    That's hilarious! My wife just thinks I'm crazy and laughed while I made my alterations. I wish I had done this years ago!

    Great idea. I think I would have to make the fingers round though. It looks like this would tear my back up.

    1 reply

    Thanks! The pictures don't show it very well but the actual points are rounded a bit. Before altering I had to push it so hard into my back to do any good. Now I barely have to push at all.

    As an option, a triangle file and some sandpaper could be used as well if one didn't have a dremel handy. Good idea you have here. Those back scratchers are kind of useless without modification IMHO.