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Introduction: Better Microwave Popcorn

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Making popcorn can be a nightmare. I have burned pots while making popcorn, perhaps paper bag is a better way to do it. Brown paper bag is known to be the common way to make popcorn but some has a label on it "DO NOT MICROWAVE THIS BAG"

Why not parchment paper I thought. Oven safe wax paper should do the trick! Also it's more economical to make popcorn this way!

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:

1. 15"H x 25"L parchment paper (oven safe of course)
2. 1 tsp butter or equivalent
3. 1/4 cup popcorn kernels
4. Caramel for flavoring

Step 2: Folding the Bag

1. Fold the paper into half.

2. Fold again into 3 segments.

3. Insert one end into a pocket from the other end.

4. Fold the sides in to a triangle and fold twice upwards horizontally. This is to ensure that the popcorn does not fall out easily, aka a tight fit.

Step 3: Popping the Popcorn

Mix 1 teaspoon of butter with 1/4 cup or less popcorn kernel. Lay them flat in the bag with the help of a spoon. While keeping the bag flat at all times, fold the top of the bag twice or more to seal it off. Set the microwave for 3 minutes 30 seconds or accordingly depend on what microwave you are using. Consult the preset of the microwave, most microwave have presets for popcorn making. Now, watch it pop!

Step 4: Flavoring and Finish

Tada! Add caramel to the popcorn and shake the bag. Unfold the bag and start digging the caramel popcorn. Best part? No burned paper bags and no burned pots!

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