"Better Than a Granola Bar" Snack

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This is a very simple recipe but the results are amazing. If you like smores you'll love it. It's perfect as dessert or snack. I love that it's full of flavour and in only ONE minute it'll be ready to enjoy.

So it's delicious, easy to make, only 3 ingredients, and I haven't even told you the best part: it only has 116 calories.

Isn't it amazing? The common chocolate chip granola bar (like the one in the picture) has 110 calories. I know that granola bars have more fiber, but I'll gladly have oats for breakfast if I can have this decadent snack.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

2 tbsp whipped cream (23 cal)

4 wafers graham crackers (65 cal)

10 chocolate chips (28 cal)

Step 2: Whipped Cream Layer

First cover your cookie with whipped cream. I like to have cool whip in my fridge, I love that it's not too sweet.

Step 3: Chocolate Chips

Now put the chocolate chips on top. I like about ten so it doesn't get too sweet.

And that's it. Enjoy your 116 cal snack!



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