Better Than Basic Computer Speakers

Introduction: Better Than Basic Computer Speakers

Actually this is not an ible , instead it is a guide. on how to better your basic  computer speakers . Those with costly audio set up better give this article a miss.

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Step 1: What You Need

Some of us if not most might be having average (flaunting 1000W PMPO stickers) stereo speakers which gives an output giving a transistor radio an attitude . Among these people , some might have an old Stereo / Audio Deck lying around simply because the age of cassette tapes is gone. You can get a better sound within 5 minutes -if you are lucky - or within an hour - if you are not that lucky- (that instruction is not included here ) . The above said Stereo set /Audio Deck (condition apply !!! ) and a cable (see pic) is all you need .

Step 2: How to Spend Your 5 Minutes

For the 'lucky guys , the Stereo / Deck will have two numbers of  "AUDIO IN " sockets . Connect the dual pins of the cable into those pins and the pin at the other end of the cable should go into the "Audio Out " socket of the computer - which normally is green in color ( see pic) .You are ready to go once you power up the computer and the audio system -start at the lowest volume on the stereo/deck and gradually increase it till you find your comfortable level .
For the not so lucky guys (who don't have 'AUDIO IN' sockets ) , you will have to open the Stereo by removing the screws and then solder the cable ends (which you have to cut and prepare for soldering) to the point after the pre-amp .
What makes the difference is the speaker size.While the tiny computer speakers have 2" to 4" speakers , the old stereos had full range 4" to 8" speakers.Also they had  tone controls/graphic equalizers/bass booster/balance control. I was lucky to get a set with AFD speakers.
This is my first article in ibles . So it is natural to get criticisms for incomplete directions. I welcome any such criticisms and will reply to any query to the best of my ability.
Hope this will be helpful to at least some guys .

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great initiative!
    Gotta hack an old stereo myself! =D