Betty Shocker Two Headed Housewife and Pie Monster Prop

Introduction: Betty Shocker Two Headed Housewife and Pie Monster Prop

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This year I decided to get a"head" of myself and try and create something truly creeptastic! I love 1950's fashion and I love creepy baking, so I decided to create a macabre version of the perfect housewife, Betty "Shocker" including a Cherry Pie a-la- Monster prop! You could also follow this tutorial for any two-headed Halloween idea!Lets get started!

Step 1: You Will Need

For Costume:

  • Mannequin head
  • Nude Dance Tights
  • 2 Strands large fake pearls
  • Hot glue/gun
  • Acrylic paint various colors
  • Paint brushes
  • Blush makeup
  • Blush brush
  • Eyeshadow
  • Wig
  • Fake lashes
  • Super glue
  • Scissors
  • Vintage top
  • Apron
  • Large sheet (for skirt)

For Prop:

  • Round tin serving tray (dollar store)
  • large silver plastic bowl (dollar store) During the holidays they are very easy to find
  • Hot glue/gun
  • simple hand puppet or sock
  • Dollar store latex mask (Halloween)
  • Red felt
  • Black felt
  • Strong scissors
  • Sliver pie tin
  • Red paint
  • White foam sheet
  • White stuffing fluff (batting)
  • Fake cherry

Step 2: Two Heads Are Better Than One

Finding the right head is what will make this costume work! I was lucky enough to find this one used at a thrift store for 4 dollars, but I have seen them online for around 20 dollars used. I wouldn't use a Styrofoam head, they just don't look real at all!

Step 3: Skin

This lovely head, was very unrealistic looking at first, the coloring was very plastic and monotone, so the first step was making her skin match mine as much as possible.

  • Clean and dry face
  • Use matte acrylic paint
  • First choose a paint color as close to your own as possible
  • Paint face, avoiding lips and eyes
  • I have freckles, so the next step was to freckle the skin with flicks of light brown paint with my thumb and paint brush as shown above
  • I then contoured the face, focusing on the nose, cheeks and mouth lines with a medium brown color
  • I then went over the dark lines with a lighter color, to blend it out

Step 4: Eyes!

The eyes are what generally can make or break realism.

  • Start by painting the corners of the eyes with nude, to make them smaller and more true to real size.
  • Then add a line of black below the lid to again take down the size.
  • Fill in brows with small fine stokes in your hair color
  • Pain the iris your color, and add the small black pupil
  • Add two small white dots to the iris and pupil, to give a shine effect
  • Add makeup! Eye-shadow really helped add to the realism!
  • Add fake lashes with super glue for a finished look

Step 5: Lips and Cheeks


  • Fill in the lip whatever color you are planing on wearing
  • Then outline the lip in a darker color
  • Add some fine lines for realism
  • When dry, add a clear layer of gloss paint for shine


  • Using real blush powdered makeup, and a blush brush, apply whatever color you like
  • Be sure and wear the same color yourself for added realism and "twinning"

Step 6: Hair

  • Purchase a wig in the same style and color as your own hair
  • Add a layer of thin foam on the front of the head with hot glue, so the hair will sit more realistically
  • Paint the lower part of the head the same color as your wig, so that if the head shows through the hair, it would be noticeable.
  • Secure the wig to the head with a large amount of hot glue
  • Style your hair and the wig in the exact same way.
  • Pin you and your twin's hair together with hair pins for added support, otherwise the head will bob, which is also funny.

Step 7: Cut Nylons

This is the first step in creating the harness that allows the head to rest on your shoulder with a seamless look.

  • Use a very strong pair of nylons, I used dance tights, which a very resistant to runs.
  • Cut off the legs
  • Cut arm size holes on either side

Step 8: Attach Head to Nylons

  • Choose which side you want the head to rest on
  • Glue the base of the neck to the chosen hole with hot glue

Step 9: Add Pearls

  • Purchase 2 stings of large fake pearls
  • Glue one strand to prop head, to cover the glue line
  • Wear the other one to cover the line at your own neck, and to give that twin feel

Step 10: Ensemble!

I purchased the top and apron at a thrift store, and for the skirt I followed an awesome tutorial right here on instructables!

I wanted a really bright vintage looking print for the circle skirt, but I didn't want to spend a fortune, I found this vintage sheet online for 4 dollars! And the tutorial was fun and easy to follow!

Step 11: Cherry Pie Monster

First make the actual puppet.

  • Use a simple pre-made puppet or a sock to start
  • Cut out the mouth of a scary dollar store latex mask
  • Add red felt to middle
  • Attach mouth to puppet with hot glue
  • Drip lots of hot glue all over puppet, like blood
  • Paint red when fully dried
  • Make with whip cream with a cloud shape of white foam board, and a bit of stuffing fluff (batting) adhere with hot glue
  • Add a fake cherry on top. Adhere with hot glue.

Step 12: Make Pie Portion of Prop

  • Cut a large hole in the bottom of a pie tin, large enough for the puppet to fit through
  • Glue red felt to the top of the tin
  • Cut a slit in the middle, so the puppet can pop through
  • Add crust with brown felt strips
  • Cut a hole in the serving tin
  • Tape around the hole with duct tape, for safety
  • Attach pie to tin with hot glue
  • Use a dollar store silver plastic bowl as the lid
  • You could also paint it silver, if you can't find one in silver

Step 13: Be the Hit of the Party!

This costume did not disappoint! Everyone had a great laugh, and the prop was a huge hit! I hope you liked this tutorial. Added perk, I drove in the carpool lane with zero guilt.

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    Zaphod Beeblebrox the Two Headed Con Man


    1 year ago

    Truly awesome. You totally captured the vintage look. If you made your face a tiny bit more unrealistic, more like the mannequin head, that could work even better.