Beware of Dog Sign

Introduction: Beware of Dog Sign

So I noticed that my neighborhood has a bunch of dogs.  And in my neighborhood, a lot of people put those ugly "for sale" sign style "Beware of Dog" plastic signs on their fences.  I thought to myself, there has to be a more subtle way of pointing out your pets without making your fence ugly.
So I took to the laser at TechShop!

Materials & Equipment:
Vector drawing software (I used CorelDraw)
Laser cutter (my TechShop has a Trotec Speedy 300)
5.5" wide, 6 foot cedar fence slat from Lowe's ($2.75)

This instructable assumes some basic familiarity with CorelDraw and a laser cutter.

First, I googled dog shadows and took an image most similar to my pup.
Then, I traced the shadow and dropped in the new bitmap conversion.
After I had one dog, I reversed the image for the right side.
Lastly, I added text and a line art squiggly for below that text.

Things I learned while making this project:
Sand the wood first!  My first piece seemed to burn on some of the loose fringes of the wood. (Rather than the actual wood itself)
Use some wood with limited wood grains.  (The more grains there are, the more the shadow dog becomes striped.)

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