Beyonce Dog Costume

Introduction: Beyonce Dog Costume

Who runs the world? Dogs! Put your paws up!

This iconic pregnancy announcement was too good of a costume idea not to do. It was not only a fun costume to make, but the backdrop was just as fun.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Blue satin fabric

Burgundy organza fabric

Lime tulle fabric

Pink fabric (cut into strips to make bows)

Styrofoam balls

Doll hair


Faux flowers

Twist ties



Step 2: Ruffled Panties

A pattern was made for the panties by tracing the bottom half of a pair of her doggy pajamas onto the satin fabric. An elastic waistband was sewn in and two layers of ruffles were sewn onto the sides of the panties to look like Beyonce's panties.

Step 3: Bra Cups

To give her a "bustier" look, styrofoam balls were added to her costume. The balls were wrapped with the organza fabric and sewn together.

Step 4: Bra Construction

Four straps were made for the bra out of the same organza fabric that was used to cover the styrofoam balls. Two of the straps went around her neck and the other two went around her torso. Strips were cut out of light pink fabric and molded into bow shapes and sewn onto both bra cups.

Step 5: Wig

There was no Beyonce wig for a dog, so doll hair fashioned into Beyonce's hairstyle acted as her wig (which she thought made a good pillow to rest her head on in between takes)

Step 6: Background

Blue poster board acted as the background. Faux flowers were affixed to the poster board by wrapping twist ties around the stems of the faux flowers. Then, holes were punched into the poster board and the twist ties were threaded through to secure them in place. This was repeated until all the flowers had been positioned on the board.

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    2 years ago

    I like that floral backdrop, it's pretty :)