Bic Pen Blow Gun

Introduction: Bic Pen Blow Gun

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To Build a miniature blow gun. You will need: Bic pen Paper Tape Straight pin with ball or flat head on back end Hot glue gun Scissors Note: this same process can be scaled up using PVC pipe for a more typical blow gun size.

Step 1: Disassemble a Pen

Remove both ends of a pen and discard the two ends. The tube will become the blow gun

Step 2: Create a Paper Cone

Take a strip of paper and roll it into a cone. The cone should come to a sharp point and be as long and thin as possible. Once the cone is created, use a tiny piece of tape to fasten it right at the cone tip.

Step 3: Trim Cone to Size

Place the pointed end of the cone carefully in the pen tube and mark where the cone meets the tube. Then cut the cone at the mark.

Step 4: Test the Cone

Place the cone into the tube and blow into the tube, the cone should not be loose enough to fall out, but should easily be blown through the tube.

Step 5: Add a Pin to the Cone

Once the cone is trimmed correctly, add a straight pin for the projectile tip. The pin should have a ball or head on one end (not a sewing needle). Poke the pin point into the cone from the back so it points out the front of the cone.

Step 6: Glue the Pin Into the Cone

Heat a glue gun, and dip the pin ball or head into the glue. Quickly pull the pin snug inside the cone so the pin ball becomes affixed inside the cone tip. Hold the pin and cone so the needle glues straight in line with the cone.

Step 7: Test Fire the Blowgun

Place the "dart" pin tip first into the pen tube. Aim in a safe direction, then give a quick blow into the pen tube behind the dart. The dart will fly out and, if your aim is good, stick into the target! Enjoy building your marksmanship!! (The pin needle can be replaced with an air soft pellet if the pin is deemed too dangerous!! WARNING: the projectile is dangerous!!! Never aim at a living thing!!!! Adult supervision should be generously given!!!!

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4 years ago

wow i like it. very easy to

Put your mouth in the barrel and sneeze. The new and dangerous way to shoot. :D


7 years ago on Introduction

Dangerous is my middle name. My friends' lives will be much more exciting after I make one of these.