Bicycle Breakfast Bar




I was late this morning.

No time to sit down and eat breakfast.

Cycling along with one hand on the handlebars  and a coffee in the other, with a pocket full of muesli and some toast in my hat . . . that's no way to live.

How to start the morning with the most important meal of the day comfortably inside my tummy as I cycle ?

Of course! . . . the bicycle breakfast bar.

(Added Edit - After many earnest comments about the dangers of this Instructructable, I have to say that this is just a bit of fun; very obviously not to be used on the roads and probably as it is so stupid not to used at all. . . and relax).

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials and Tools

I used:

-a nice bit of pine plank (IKEA cupboard)
-some brackets off a bike's stabilisers
-4 nuts and bolts
-a bowl
-a tin mug
-a spoon
-two old spokes

I needed:

- a jigsaw
- a spanner
- a drill
- an awl
- a pencil

Step 2: Mark Out Your Breakfast Bar.

Using a pair of compasses, I marked out a area that would allow the crockery to sink into the breakfast bar and hold it steady.

I then drew a free-hand circumference  that would fit between the handlebars.

Step 3: Cutting Out.

Drill a hole for the jigsaw access and cut out the holes.

Cut around the outline of the breakfast bar.

File and sandpaper the rough edges away.

Step 4: Fitting the Brackets.

The first hole for each bracket is drilled and attached with a nut and bolt.

The next two holes are drilled ( at the other ends of the brackets).

The breakfast bar is put onto the handlebars and the remaining bolts fitted and tightened.

Step 5: The Toast Rack.

This is the bit I've been looking forward to; it makes me laugh.

Remember the spokes?

Now it's time to bend them into a " U " shape.

Between the cup and the bowl push four holes into the wood, with the awl, and fit the spokes.

Step 6: Oh Dear! I'm Late for an Important Thing.

-Get up late.

-Have a pirate bath.

-Ride and eat, arriving relaxed and full.


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    50 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Thank goodness there is still people with inginuity !

    If you are talking about the crash then you are right ; of course it's edited.

    But it's only edited to remove my ugly face from the video; the crash actually happened.

    I had a roughly cut aluminium pole bolted to the bike from another project and as I stooped to avoid that labrador's drool the pole hit my head, full force, causing me some dismay and a circular cut out in my scalp which I can still feel.

    I hope this restores your faith in humanity.


    BUT...... did we learn anything? After watching the video again, not only does it restore my faith in my fellow man, my mind goes a boggle thinking of the endless possibilities of my next crash........ OH, its coming!
    Don't let this cat get to you. Next time he crashes....... he will think of this!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Sizde bisikletle işe gidenlerdenseniz bu proje tam size göre

    1-ilk olarak dikdörtgen bir tahatanın üzerine tabağın tabanı girebilecek kadar delik çiziyoruz.Pergel yada daire şablonu ile.Daha sonra Kupa bardak içinde aynı şekide çizip kesiyoruz.

    İşte bu hale gelecek tahta

    daha sonra şerit halinde bir sac parçasını tahtanın altına monte ediyoruz. biraz eğiyoruz.

    Matkapla deldikten sonra 1 tarafın somonlarını takıyoruz

    daha sonra bisiklet direksiyonuna takıyoruz ve somonları takıyoruz

    daha sonra bir tel parçasını şekildeki gibi büküyoruz: Tost koyma yeri

    daha sonra tahtanın üstünden bu telleri monte etmek için delik açarız

    ve bu telii alttan sabitleyin (neyle sabitleyeceğiniz size kalmış ben sıcak silikon kullandım)

    işte emeklerimizn karşılığı

    1 reply

    Hey merhaba,
    Üzgün ama benim Türkçelerim çok iyi değil.
    Sen isteyemez mi daha kolay yol ve I anlamayı denemeyecek?
    teşekkür ederim, sağol 


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Do you actually use this contraption? Haven't you heard about the dangers of toasting while driving? Seriously, though, how often have you actually mounted your breakfast on your bike and eaten it during transit?

    I´m on holiday , cycling around Spain at the moment, ( Without my bike breakfast bar.)

    The internet has been hard to find, can you imagine my delight to finally access it and have all these comments?

    This was silly, fun concept, obviously not to be used on the roads, (I cycle to work solely on cycle paths anyway.) but thank you for all of the earnest replies, they made me chuckle heartily, especially as I haven´t spoken to anyone for 12 days.

    Kind Regards