Bicycle Chain Gear Whip




Introduction: Bicycle Chain Gear Whip

A chain whip is a bike tool. Here's how to make one.

Step 1: Find the Parts

- You need a sturdy round bar or flat bar. I used a smooth round bar a got from the rails of an old printer. The longer you use the more leverage you'll get. About 12" will work fine.

- Some old bike chain. 12" or so will work fine. I find that the farther you wrap around the gear the better the chain holds.

- A welder or POSSIBLY you could put a hose clamp around the end and the middle to secure it. If using a flat bar, drill and bolt it.

Step 2: Assembly

Pictured below is a commercially made chain whip. I find that my method works fine too. But 5-10 chain lengths over 3"-4" should work fine for the "secured" portion. Simply leave the rest unattached. shows a chain whip in action.



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     This isn't exactly a good idea.  Check your local laws and regulations before building this.  You might also need a permit in some areas and it might be against the law to use it in other areas.  I know that if the police catch you with this in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, you WILL go to jail and face a good amount of prison time and possibly a hefty fine.  Whatever you do, USE COMMON SENSE!

    for the record, this is a tool used for removing large bolts and such for the ignorants who only think of this as a fun way to remove flesh, it is is ALSO a tool!

    This is also a weapon! If you remove the chains, you'll have a club, and you can whip people with this. THAT will definitely HURT. Good job!

    Watch out, this could do real damage. I think you need more pictures though