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So...I got my hands on a broken KTM carbon fiber bicycle frame, and decided not to throw it away, and do a cool looking lamp.

The frame got crushed by a truck in a warehouse, it was pretty damaged in the rear, but the front was new.

Lets start the project, go to the first step :D

Step 1: Cuting the Frame

The frame had a long crack in the top tube, so i cut it where the crack ended.

I used a circular saw at work.

Step 2: Base Part 1

I cut 2 acrylics with 37cm by 14cm from a 10mm black matte acrylic sheet.

Step 3: Base Part 2

I wanted to be able to turn the lamp.

So i decided to glue 3 acrylic hinges in the base.

I glued 2 small acrylic spacers with magnets to stay in place.

Step 4: The Trouble Light

The lamp itself was made with a modified orange trouble light.

I have made some cuts on the light handle, to be able to fit it in the frame.

The trouble light fitted snugly in the frame.

So I didn't had to hold it with nothing, like screws or glue.

Step 5: Head Tube Cover

I needed too cover the head tube on the top.

So i had to cut a plastic circle to fit in the tube.

And then, i drilled a hole in the center, to pass the cord to the trouble light.

Step 6: Cable Management

In the first photo, you see the cable passing thru the original brake cable hole.

I only had to enlarge the hole, to fit the cable without damaging it.

Step 7: Base Part 3

In this step I finished the base.

I drilled a hole to pass the cord again.

I screwed 2 closet rod flanges to the base, then screwed the frame to the flanges with self-drilling screws.

The frame becomes attached to the base.

Step 8: Final Touches

For a final touch, I used again an original brake cable hole to pass a piece of cord, along the bottom tube to another hole that I had drilled.

I fixed the cord with zip ties to the original frame spares.

This cord it's just for aesthetics purpose.

In the main cord i atached a black power plug and a switch

Sorry, I dont have photos for this

Step 9: Final Result

It was a great journey, from a smashed frame, to a awesome lamp, to place on my bed room. ;D

Hope you like it.

Something you need to know leave a comment. :D



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    15 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool, and there's a lot of other ways you could go with this, like adding a shade as previously mentioned. Something from IKEA adapted to your needs, or a pendant lamp shade from a big box home improvement store would work, also stainless or glass bowls from the thrift or dollar stores. Great work!

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago

    Yes, or acrylic, my material of choise for manny things :D thanks for the comment.


    4 years ago

    Nice one, although I'd be very tempted to use some kind of modern looking lampshade due to the frame form itself. Any tips for working with carbon fiber? ?

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago

    The but i wanted to give a little industrial feel because of what happened to the frame. I have only 2 tips, dont breath the dust when you are cutting and drealling, and clean the dust out of your working area, because if you get dust on your skin you'll be very itchy. Sorry if my english it's not the greatest :D

    Just4Fun Media

    4 years ago

    That would look awesome in a bachelor apartment or cabin. Truly inspirational...

    Have a great day! :-)

    1 reply

    4 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea! This would make a nice gift for a bicycle enthusiast. You should enter this in the Bedroom Contest!

    3 replies

    Reply 4 years ago

    love it!
    If it was done using a metal frame, you could take it all kinds of design directions - BUT remember to use a grommet or other cable protection, especially if you drill your own holes.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I think you are right, but in this case, it wasn't necessary..because the frame is made of carbon fiber.

    Glad you like it TY.