Bicycle Inner Tube Phone Wallet Holder




This holder works for phones with or without case. I use this holder for my minimalist wallet. You can also use this holder for credit cards and keys.

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Step 1: Tools & Supplies

  1. Bicycle inner tube (of 2.2" MTB tire)
  2. Scissors

Step 2: Cut the Inner Tube

  1. Cut approximately 0.5 mm of the inner tube. You'll need two of these.

Step 3: Assembly

  1. Loop one of the inner tube crosswise from the corners; upper left corner to lower right. First croswise loop will serve as a base grip which will prevent slippage. It is especially useful for the phones/cases with slick surface.
  2. Do the similar for the other corners. That's it.


Loops do not affect the functionality of the buttons (with or without case).



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    1 year ago

    Nice project, simple but very useful!

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