Bicycle Kayak Trailer




For a while now I've been wanting to be able to tow kayak with my bicycle. This summer all the pieces came together.

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Step 1: Used Bicycle Trailer Kid Carrier

A friend had a used trailer that was just sitting in the backyard. I did purchase the connector to the bicycle to trailer from Amazon.

Step 2: Kayak Dolly

The kayak dolly is made for towing by hand. The larger wheels came from a nother kids trailer that was in an accident
, one of the wheels wobbles. Luckily those larger wheels just slid into the dolly frame. I only needed to drill some holes for some locking pins.

Step 3: Strip Down

Removed all the fabric from the 2 trailer. Installed a noodle on the rear of the trailer. This will cushion the kayak.

Step 4: Attach the Kayak Dolly to the Kayak With Nylon Straps

Step 5: Nose of Kayak to Trailer

Another nylon strap from the kayak front handle to the trailer.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hey I know where you took that picture!! That is at the entrance to Dutton Island Preserve. When I lived in Atlantic Beach I used to take my Kayak there all the time!!

    1 reply