Bicycle Leather Saddle Stool

Introduction: Bicycle Leather Saddle Stool

A stool made of old broken bicycle frame

Step 1: Salvage a Bicycle

I saw this idea in a trendy shop but I only had old bikes but still barely working and for me this is a real pain to salvage something which is not broken so I decided to wait a bit.
Fee months later I was walking on the street when I saw a very old broken bicycle frame. This was the perfect opportunity!
In a lot of cities, you have associations who are repairing old bikes. You can contact them because sometimes they put old bicycle to garbage so maybe you can salvage one!

Step 2: Cut Rear Triangle

I unfortunately did not take pictures but first you have to get rid of the top and down tube
I decided to not go into a very detailed work because I like it as it it.

Step 3: Cut Seat Stays and Chain Stays and Remove Paint

Yes you have to because rear axle is 125 or 135mm which is really not wide for a stool and you will lack of stability
So you have to cut stays and braze them again (brass braze is enough no need to silver braze)

You ALso have to remove bridges (generally the brake one and the one between chain stays)
I will not detail how to braze but basically you have to remove paint and everything before in order to not waste your braze (and your time).
Then this is recommended to use Flux (it helps you to keep the braze clean and also indicates you when you have to put brass when it's hot enough)

Step 4: Frame Details

You also have to decide if you want to paint or not your frame.
I really like raw materials, especially steel so I decided to keep it like that and only go for a cover to avoid erosion
You can see that the left seat stays is really bend, maybe a crash in his previous life!
I also found few badges in a second hand market so I decided to put on on the seat tube

Step 5: Find a Saddle

Nowadays this is the most expensive part as leather saddles a very trendy and fashionable!
Sorry for people who are looking for this kind of saddle for cycling ;)
I had this one for 15€ which is reasonable (you just have to avoid Brooks ;) as its way more expensive)
Before buying something, just be sure that saddle tube and seat tube have the same diameter.
If there is less than a millimeter, you can cut an aluminium can and put the piece of sheet around the saddle tube

You should be able to sit on your stool!

PS: You can found mine on Etsy if you want

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Nice project. Does it mimic the experience of nice ride?


    Reply 4 years ago

    It depends on which saddle do you choose. This one is quite comfy. Plus the fact that you have both feet on the ground so less weight on the saddle, no bad surprise, you can stay on it for a while