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I am a professional bicycle mechanic and as I work out of different location through out the year, I need to take my tools with me.  As nice as it would be to have them all hanging in my shop all the time, that doesn't work for me.  I also built a portable stand that goes with me.  The instructions for that is also available here.

I went to Princess Auto and bought a Machinist's wooden tool box.  It is an 8 drawer chest and it works perfect for my purposes, hope it will work for yours. 

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    I love to fix bycicle too. and i dream with a tool box like that, congratulations.
    That box remaindsme a tool box made by campagnolo like 50 year ago...

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    Thank you. It works great for my purposes. Hope you can find one. Thanks for looking and commenting.

    Love this !! been riding bmx for a few months and all ready know how important a good tool box is... i love all the compartments :D

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    Thank you, you're right about a good tool box. Love to be organized. Hope this will help you.