Bicycle Work Stand / Storage

Introduction: Bicycle Work Stand / Storage

My requirements for a bike stand:
1. Dual purpose elevated storage and for maintence. No workbench mounts, no direct stands.
2. Minimal tools required to assembly/mount.
3. Use as many parts on hand as possible. Max budget is 30.00
4. Look nice.

I looked at all the various ibles, however the set goals. I went to google and after 0.49 seconds we found 10.3 million results and second on the list was this website:

I really liked the way the author used the wood to support the bike. But I wanted a setup that didn't' required using a work bench.
Bike Stand - idsinepnls - Flickr

Next I found the idea of this wall mounted storage apealing but the look is less then apealing.

Then I found the below stand:

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Step 1: Get the Idea on Paper.

Step 2: Figure Out Materials and Aquire

See pdf.

and go to Home Depot.

Unfortunately the black flanges were not in stock so I had to go with galvanized. I plan to paint them.

Most of the items I had on hand from other projects.

Step 3: Assemble Like the Sketch

I started with the wood bike holding part which is 3 pieces of 1x2 cut to 8" lengths, nailed together then stained with the Min-wax Express color.

While the stain was drying (about 30 min), I assembled the pipes. I choose to not use the 90 degree elbow from the sketch. It would have made the angle awkward.

I then mounted the flanges to the wall.

After the stain was finished drying I attached the final flange to the bottom of the wood channel. It then screws on to the stand.

Step 4: Add Bike.

and take photos for instructable.

Step 5: Publish First Ible and Final Thoughts

This was a fun quick project that solved an annoying problem.

I think it took longer to do the research and get the parts then it did to build the stand.

It definitely took longer to make the instructable then I expected. Next time I will take more pictures through the process.

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