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My main goal for this was to  provide a very cheap but effective lighting system that looked cool for my bicycle. So I bought some LED's dirt cheap from Hong Kong and waited 2 weeks. My hardest part was figuring out How I was going to mount them. Figured ZipTies would be a good choice. 

Step 1: Tools Required

Tools you'll need are:

Soldering Gun
Hot Glue Gun
Battery Holder 

Step 2: How to Do It.

What you do is Fold the Wires of the LED around (making sure they don't touch) the Zip Tie. make sure it is aligned then hot glue it in place in the Zip Tie make sure to leave then ends of the metal free of Hot Glue so you can still hook up the wires. The Zip Tie it on wherever you want it. For some places where I needed angled such as the forks I added layers of hot glue to one side so when it was zip tied on it would be forced to angle down.

This is nothing amazing but it is a good practical way to be able to add LED's to anything.

Once the wiring is soldered up Poor the Hot Glue all over the exposed wires to seal them. It's supper simple and it's super cheap. 

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    cool instructable your bike looks like if it has neons on it!