Bicycle Grips From Old Handlebar Tape




I've decided to share small tip how to make quite comfy and light grips out of handlebar tape. I've made them because I put together new bike and didn't decide which available on the market grips I'll use. As a temporary solution is perfect. Sometimes as you know temporary solutions stays longer than you will expect ;-)
You'll need bar tape (cork or gel is the best I think, basically thick one), pair of scissors, old inner tube and electrical tape. Whole procedure in pictures. Pictures worth thousands words...

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    You can make rubber tape from blown inner tubes, and start them just inboard of the brake levers, and cram the ends into the bars like on road drops. Those little plastic bar end caps work ok. Zip ties are ok, too, but you have to cut them flush at the locks or they can cut your fingers. I've been thinking of making some ninja-sword style grips from sections of rubber road tube and old boot laces.

    Great idea with the inner tube. I have used bar tape before for mountain bike grips and finished it with a zip tie. If you face it just right it does not get in the way of your fingers or palm but this is way better.