Big 7-segment Digital Clock




Introduction: Big 7-segment Digital Clock

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Using only 2 capacitors, 3 resistors, 4 BIG seven-segment Display, 1 xtal, 2 switches ,and 1 Microcontroller PIC, you can build this Digital Led Clock main circuit.

you can use common anode or common cathode display, just select the display type. Here is the pinout information:(I have attach the all diagrams of parts and 7 segments)

I'm used 4x 6" big 7 segment display's.

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Step 1: Simple Paper Copy Schematic

here is the schematic and part list for the project.

IC - PIC16F628 / PIC16F84A

Step 2: Collect Your Parts:

4x  6" big 7 segment display
3x 10K Resistors
2x  tack switches (micro switches)
4MHz Cristal (XTAL)
2x  22PF

If you are planing to protect your IC you should connect the IC through 5V regulator (1x 7805)

Vero baord(I used dot matrix board)

and other 7 Segment driver circuit parts displayed with attach image.

Step 3: Solder Your All Parts

Solder your all parts on to your vero board matching with this Circuit diagram.

Please do not solder your PIC16F84 on your board.Fix that through 18 pin IC base or Zif socket. 

Step 4: Make Your Enclosure

Make a enclosure box  for clock.(makes with plastic acrylic sheet + glue) 

and completed circuit board and 7segment board fix on your back plastic acrylic sheet.

and fix the Hour and Mins adjusting button to your enclosure right side panel.

Step 5: Programe Your PIC16F84

I have attach the HEX (16F84 clock) file for this clock.You have to burn it into your chip well.



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    also what could be replacement transistors to c1815 and a950



    please send all programs and part details for newer design along with schematic to my email


    good idea.try try!!I have uploaded all the details with hex file for PIC16F84A.Hope you can work this out well.Good luck!

    Or can u give me programmed ic if yes then contact me at

    Hi. I want to know how I connect 16f84 to my laptop?

    hi slwthr, what are the things (software and hardware) I need to program my microcontroller and load the hex files?

    well can we make this using atmega 328 or arduino

    if yes please send me the code and circuit to my mail id.

    Sir.. I have one 7 Segment display which displays battery voltage.. I have c program file also. Can u modify that program to didplay it as battery percentage thats 0 To 100 Max..if u r ready to help me. I will send the full project to u.. Plz reply to my e-mail id..

    can you send me the list of the entire circuit diagram including the power supply?? and do you have a hex for pic16f87??

    Can you send the list of the entire parts and entire circuit diagram of big seven segment clock to email below.

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    please download the full project Clock.rar file in this page..Thanx!

    hello slwthr, please help me get a pdf or details of how to build the 7 segment digital clock. this is ma email: ......thank you!!!!

    Ok now everyone who need this kit buy over here:

    hi can u help get a detail of to build the 7 segment digital clock.......this is my mail acct;

    can anybody send me a pdf on dis 7 segment digital clock, please!!!

    is there any reason why you use a950 and c1815 transistor?can i replace it?