Big Bad Wolf (Dark Soul)




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This is Dark Soul the Big Bag Werewolf, he stands in around 9' tall and the costume weighs in over 50 lbs. I started with a pair of ski pants forming them around the base of the jumping stilts, and attached a zipper along the legs seam, then sewed the leg fur to the pants while attaching the upper body in one piece to a backpack and shoulder pads. The spine is made up of welded piping i bent and attached to the pack to form his horns on his back, I added eyes, facial hair, blood and loose skin to the mask. The lengthened arms are arm crutches which allows me to walk on all 4 legs or run on 2 legs. This in full has taken me over 50 hours in the likes of 60 to complete. A very fun and scary costume to spook even the strongest at will.
Some of the materials you will need are 6-7 yards of Grey Fur, 1 bottle fake blood, thin guage metal about 20', a welder, a small backpack, football shoulder pads, grey hair extensions, black hair extensions, black spray paint, a second style gray fur, jumping stilts, arm crutches, a cooling vest with neck cooler, and wrist coolers.



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    Reno!!! This came out great, I saw the photos and got really excited - I just moved from there a few months ago, and miss it sooo much. Also, I have all these tattered ski pants, genius for turning them into costumes. Are you going to wear this in the zombie crawl?

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