Big Bad Wolf (a Cute Girly Version)

Introduction: Big Bad Wolf (a Cute Girly Version)

Using a baseball cap, flexifirm interfacing, quilt batting, fleece, fur and felt I fashioned this costume headpiece for our community theatre's 2011 Youth Group production of Trial of the Big Bad Wolf. The director wanted a wolf that wasn't scary. Personally, I would have liked to make it a little edgier (more teeth and clawed gloves for starters).

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Step 1: Big Bad Wolf (a Cute Girly Version)

I didn't take pictures of the steps, so I'll do my best to describe the steps involved.

I drew the shape of the baseball cap so you can see how I used it as the base for this project.

Flexifirm (a very stiff interfacing) was glued to the top and bottom of the cap's brim to extend the wolf's snout. A few lumpy pieces of quilt batting were glued on the top side of the snout.

Pale pink fleece was stetched over the face and snout area. Both hot glue and handstitching were used to hold it all in place. The underside of the snout was also covered in the same pink fleece. The flexifirm teeth were attached at the same time.

Step 2: Big Bad Wolf (a Cute Girly Version)

Fur was attached, using hot glue, over the top, back and sides of the cap. I left the side and back sections long enough to tuck into the actor's jacket, but this isn't necessary.

Ears were made with the same fur and lined with the pink fleece. They were folded slightly towards the front and handstitched in place with heavy duty thread. A bit of black marker shades the inside of the ears.

A scrap of stretchy black fabric was used for the nose. The snout was decorated with black magic marker "whisker" dots.

The eyes were cut from flexifirm, painted with craft paints, and accented with fur eyelashes before being hot glued in place.

Step 3: Big Bad Wolf (a Cute Girly Version)

The tail was designed to look ratty and burnt. The costume was finished with the addition of a dark jacket and top, blue plaid pants, and matching scarf.

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