Hang Big Brushes Securely



 My large brushes kept losing their balance and falling into the containers they were soaking in.  So for anyone else out there who is as slow to catch on as I am, this is an easy,  and truly stable way to keep larger brushes hanging in deep containers.  

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Two  wooden spring clothespins per brush  (The pink clothespins are unmodified)
A utility knife
Bucket or  other container for water

Step 2: Trim the End of a Clothespin.

Cut away the extra thickness on the end of one clothespin. 

Step 3:

Clip the normal pin (pink) onto the brush.   Clip the modified pin (green) onto the normal (pink) pin.   Hang the brush with both clothespins on the edge of your water container.   

Step 4: Some Containers Have Wider Edges.

Water containers have different thicknesses of edges.  The place where the trimmed clothespin clips onto the other clothespin holding the brush depends on the thickness of the water holder's edge.

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