Big Daddy "Bioshock"





Introduction: Big Daddy "Bioshock"

Step 1: The Shell

I used paper mache and cart boards

Step 2: Covering the Shell

I covered with stretch fabric, pins and hot glue

Step 3: Painting

I used spray paint rustic hammered color, some gold and black for shadows

Step 4: Acessories

The drill, the glove and shoes

Step 5: Putting Everything Together

It was exiting to see the final product. And most of it was handmade, it took like a month or so working on it but it was worth it.. Down size for us was to big to fit in our cars lol but when we walked around trick and treating everyone wanted pictures with big daddy, all I have to say is so much fun making your own costumes.



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    Visibility was good and he moved just fine. The drill was a little big heavy but overall the whole costume was great

    Thank You it was a big project but fun never heard of the game until my husband asked me to make him that for halloween

    THATS AMAZING!!! I am a huge fan of the game and seeing that just made my week!!!

    really nice job looks awesome.. Arms and legs are really hard to cover up ski boots and dryer ducting work well taking nice looking hinges out of toilet paper rolls and card board to blend them together.

    Lol sorry wrong game. I'm getting old

    I was the little sister :)

    14, 6:18 PM.jpg14, 6:18 PM.jpg

    Beyond Awesome lmao how was the visibility? could you even move?

    Woah that's amazing! I bet everyone wanted pictures, did you find any little sisters while out and about? Or did some come with you?